Dial Telecom has become a member of ECTA

Dial Telecom a.s., one of the leading providers of data and voice services, has recently become a member of ECTA, a renowned European telecommunication association. ECTA unites companies and associations that are interested in supporting the market environment in telecommunications throughout EU countries. As a member, Dial Telecom a.s. will gain access not only to information about the development of the telecommunication environment in the entire EU, but also possible legal and strategic support to influence the creation of new legislature both European-wide and in the Czech Republic.

The key target of ECTA (www.ectaportal.com) is support of such environment of telecommunication regulation within Europe - this will lead to the development of economic competition, generating positive political, social and economic impacts on both entrepreneurs and consumers. ECTA primarily judges new law propositions and recommendations within the European Commission, as well as individual EU member countries and issues professional statements and recommendations about them. It is in daily contact with institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the WTO, and also authorities of individual states and defends the interests of their members.

As an ECTA member, Dial Telecom will be able to contribute to support the protection of the economic competition in European telecommunications and it will also be able to make use of the legal and strategic support of the association within the Czech Republic.

About Dial Telecom a.s. (Czech Republic)
The joint stock company Dial Telecom is a provider of a complex portfolio of voice, data and Internet services with guaranteed service availability all over the Czech Republic through its own unified optical network. The length of the provided optical cable routes of Dial Telecom currently amounts to 4,750 kilometers within the Czech Republic and with 250 kilometers of cable routes consisting of approximately 12,000 kilometers of optical fibers within the metropolitan network of Prague. In its network, Dial Telecom operates more than 5,000 active devices with 25,000+ active ports. Apart from optical routes, Dial Telecom uses 1,100+ radio connections both on its own backbone infrastructure and for the last mile sections.

The Dial Telecom network has its central monitoring center in Prague. The network monitoring, as well as the customer support center, are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dial Telecom a.s. is a holder of ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management, ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management and ISO 27001:2006 Information Security Management (i.e. protection of sensitive information from unauthorized access) certificates.

Dial Telecom became an ECTA member in 2015.