Dial Telecom connects the Ministry of Agriculture

Dial Telecom has won the tender for Internet connection commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic. The ministry will now be connected to the Internet at the speed of 1 Gbps. The ministry particularly appreciated the operator’s record fast activation of the service that is on its own optical network.

Dial Telecom a. s., one of the leading Czech providers of data and voice services, has connected the Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic, to its optical network. It has won a demanding public tender. In the end, the speed of implementing the connections and also the operator’s own optical network in close vicinity were the deciding factors. The connection capacity of the ministry to the Dial Telecom network is 1 Gb/s.

The connection to the operator’s metropolitan network was activated on the first day in June. With respect to the term of the public tender but also the contract’s date of signature with the winner, it is a record time. Dial Telecom completed the whole project, digging and infrastructure work within just 20 calendar days.


Such a fast activation is possible providing that the operator has its own optical network. Dial Telecom has such an optical network, and not only in Prague. We have quite dense backbone and connection lines all over the Czech Republic, and are also extending to significant foreign exchanges,” said Martina Setunska, Marketing Manager of Dial Telecom a.s.

That’s the reason we are often able to connect our customers, from commerce or government or local administration, very quickly, added Martina Setunská.


The customer declares that Dial Telecom a.s. gave the best offer for connecting the Ministry of Agriculture to the Internet, using the optical connection with a symmetrical throughput of 1 Gbit. Dial Telecom a.s. installed a new optical route into the building of the ministry in accordance with the conditions of the customer. From the start of the operations, the services have been running without any defects, duly and timely, in accordance with the contractual conditions.

From publicly accessible sources it is clear that by taking this step, the ministry spared financial means and gained a transmission speed which is higher than the one used up to that time (i.e. it gained 10 times higher speed); the total amount saved is several hundred thousand Crowns (without respect to the quality differences) over a period of 4 years.


Technical solution of connectivity
The individual solution Profi Internet includes using Dial Telecom’s own optical network, which is installed into the buildings of the Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic. Dial Telecom provides a complex portfolio of services: from building the route to the customer, end devices, to guaranteed access to the Internet. Dial Telecom’s own backbone and metropolitan optical network enables activated connections with top quality and particularly with high capacities, and at a very good price. The technologies using the optical network as the basic transmission layer are mostly based on DWDM or CWDM.

Over the basic infrastructure, Dial Telecom operates the extensive IP MPLS network, the L2 Ethernet based network and the SDH network for synchronized transmission – particularly voice.


Optical network as future convergence medium
Dial Telecom began building the metropolitan network in Prague after 2000 and invests considerable financial means into its further development every year. The fixed connection of clients by optical cable, which is mostly safe underground, enable high speed and any transmission capacity of data and voice connection, but also the simplicity and savings of operational and investment costs. The metropolitan optical network copies the construction of, particularly, office premises in Prague.

Dial Telecom owns and operates extensive metropolitan networks of about 1,000 km of routes. As well as Prague, they are also in Brno, Pilsen, Ostrava, Hradec Králove, Boskovice, Jihlava and Hodonín. Where there is no optical network available and where its construction is not efficient, the radio network supplements the quality Internet coverage. Apart from the complex provision of Internet services, Dial Telecom provides voice, cloud or telemetric services.

Further information at http://www.dialtelecom.cz .