Dial Telecom successfully upgrades the whole backbone network

Dial Telecom has successfully upgraded its whole IP/MPLS backbone network in order to increase the stability and quality of network parameters across the Czech Republic.

Dial Telecom, one of the leading Czech providers of telecommunication services, has successfully upgraded its own IP/MPLS backbone network. The goal of this extensive work, which was carried out under full operations, was increasing the stability and quality of the network parameters across the Czech Republic. The most significant change noticeable for our customer is a blanket increase of the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) parameter on the optical backbone and aggregation network up to 9000 Bytes.

Implementing the latest technology, which will provide our customers with faster and higher quality transmissions of large data volumes, was one of the main reasons for an extensive upgrade of our IP/MPLS network. We are happy that the work was successful and that we can offer our customers services with MTU 9000 in our network, which is currently not standard on the market,” says Tomáš Strašák, Sales Director of Dial Telecom.

The network upgrade will mean a significant change particularly for clients using data circuits and VPN services combined with cloud solutions or the connection to Dial Telecom data centers, or more precisely for all clients who require high quality and fast transmissions of large data volume.

The accomplished upgrade goes along with the Dial Telecom long-term strategy to continually expand and improve the parameters of its own communication network based on clients’ increasing technical requirements. Thanks to this approach, the company is one of the important Central European providers of high speed data connections and long-term preferred transit partners of foreign operators.

About Dial Telecom a.s. (Czech Republic)
The joint stock company Dial Telecom is a provider of a complex portfolio of voice, data and Internet services with guaranteed service availability all over the Czech Republic through its own unified optical network. The Dial Telecom network has its central monitoring center in Prague. The network monitoring, as well as the customer support center, are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dial Telecom a.s. is a holder of ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management, ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management and ISO 27001:2006 Information Security Management (i.e. protection of sensitive information from unauthorized access) certificates.