Internet offers connection with same download and upload speed. Services are not limited by User Policy (FUP).We guarantee fixed montly payments and sales with signing contract for definite period.

The connection is provided by optical cable. In the case that you wish to use a wireless internet connection for more computers, we offer to purchase Wi-Fi router TP-Link  with free installation.

The offer is valid only for Brno and Boskovice area.

Price with comittment
12/24 month
Price without comittment
20 / 20 Mb/s * 
302 CZK per month 
402 CZK 
50 / 50 Mb/s *
402 CZK per month
503 CZK
100 / 100 Mb/s *
503 CZK per month
604 CZK

Internet service offers the best rate of price and power on the market.
Services are not limited by Fair User Policy (FUP). Aggregation is 1:50.
Fee for instalaltion is 1200 CZK, the installation is free of charge in advantageous package with IPTV service.
This offer is valid only for homes and natural persons.
Prices are agreed, valid since 1th of January 2014 and mentionned including VAT.


Documents to download

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Suitable for

  • Household


  • Internet connection 24 hours a day
  • same download and upload data transfer speed
  • no FUP, any data limitation
  • high trasfer speed from 10Mbps to 100Mbps
  • safe and reliable connection (any threat of redirection)
  • fixed motnly payments guaranteed
  • guaranteed service price for 12 or 24 month