Service packages

We offer you an advantageous combination of IPTV, Internet a Phone services in one package. You save more than 4500CZK per year by using not individual service but package of them.

IPTV provides functions like Pause or Watching from beginning which are completelly free. HD set-top-box allows broadcasting in HD. High-speed internet allows you unlimited internet surfing without download and upload data limitation. Both services are provided independetly, internet speed doesn't influence quality of TV broadcast.

The offer is valid only for Brno and Boskovice area.


Price with commitment*

Price without commitment

20/20 Mb + KUKI menší

460 CZK per month

560 CZK per month

100/1000 Mb + KUKI větší

617 CZK per month

718 CZK per month

It is possible to buy some additional TV channels from our extra offer to IPTV service.

* Commitment means Contract for definite period 12 or 24 months (as you wish), lease of HD STB for 1CZK per month and with the deposit of 1500CZK is requirement. Buying STB for 2870CZK is requirement to get Contract for indefinite period. Activation fee for one STB is 780 CZK.

In the case of STB lease, every failure is repaired for free if it wasn’t damaged by wrong manipulation.

Lease for 1CZK per months is valid only using one STB, for every other STB (maximum is three of them) we charge a fee in the amount of 99CZk per month for lease – but you pay only for one channel offer even if you use it on three televisions.

Channels offers TV Start and TV Základ include following radio stations for free:

Radiožurnál, Praha, Vltava, Region, 2+6/CRo 7, Cro 4 Radio, D-dur, Radio Česko, Leonardo, Proglas, BBC CZ, Radio FM, Radio 7, Radio Hey, LumenA deposit for set-top-box in the amount of 1500CZK is refundable after regular termination of the contract and returning functional device back including all accessories (TV control, SCART cable etc.).

Advantageous price is applicable only for whole package, not for his parts and it can be provided only to homes.

Prices are actual to 1st of August 2014 and mentionned including VAT.

Suitable for

  • Household


  • calling with no monthly payments
  • calling within Dial Telecom network for free
  • high-speed internet
  • same download and upload speed
  • option to HD STB lease for 1CZK
  • broadcast in HD
  • wide range of TV channels
  • additional TV packages
  • price advantage when closing contract for fixed period
  • no commitement when buying STB (can be divided in 3 fees)
  • services are provided on our own optical networks
  • best rate performance/price on the market
  • professional service care in NBD mode