Companies require fast data transmission

In the last year, Dial Telecom a.s., one of the leading providers of telecommunication services, detected a significant rise in demand for LAMBDA, the fastest available data transmissionservice . It is used primarily by telecommunication operators and ISPs, but now also by more and more large corporations for communication among their branches, within this country, as well as abroad. According to the updated figures of Dial Telecom, the revenue from sales of the service has risen year-on-year by 107%. Among the satisfied customers are the Kooperativa insurance company and the Accenture consulting company.

The service provided on the Dial Telecom optical WDM offers a scalable capacity of 1–40 Gb/s. The LAMBDA technology predetermines its wide use primarily in the networks of telecommunication operators and ISPs, who are able, thanks to dividing the wave-lengths within the light spectrum, to cover the rise in capacity demands of the data networks without having to install new cables.This is also reflected in the current structure of the Dial Telecom customers with this LAMBDA service.

More than 90% of the provided wave-lengths are used by international and Czech operators or local ISPs. Whereas the wholesale market has seen the number of sold products rising only very slowly and the trend of recent years has been an increase in capacities of the existing services (from 1 Gb/s to 10 or 40 Gb/s), the retail segment has been rising sharply. The LAMBDA service is also being demanded and then implemented in the IT infrastructure by customers from financial institutions, significant e-shops and companies closely related to foreign branches.

Significant strengthening of data security

In order to ensure the non-stop functionality of its IT, a big company cannot rely only on one central housing. Such topology would be too risky, because in the case of outage to the servers, connectivity or power in one data center, whole network branches or ATMs would stop working.

Therefore, significant corporate segment and government administration organizations build their central infrastructure redundantly (all key features are at least doubled). This makes for higher demands for telecommunication infrastructure, as the data must record at two or three places concurrently in real time, whichis is where the unequalled transmission capacity of the LAMBDA service proves priceless.

Jiří Kutílek, the director of direct sales at Dial Telecom, says about the sale of the LAMBDA services: ”Large corporations use the leasing of its own wave-length primarily for the mutual connection of the data centers of their network exchanges. Thanks to the large optical infrastructure of Dial Telecom, we are able to provide this service among data centers in the circuit topology with independent connections. Hence, we can offer all the services as a compact package fully covering the customer’s needs.

The LAMBDA technology

By dividing the colour spectre of the light beam in the optical fiber, the technology of the WDM standard optical network enables  using this fiber for transmitting multiple higher capacities. Each wave-length (LAMBDA) offers the possibility to transmit the same capacity as one fiber without the WDM technology between two points. Dial Telecom operates a wide DWDM and CWDM network, which is,  alongside the majority of significant Czech exchanges, is also implemented at the international Dial Telecom exchanges in Bratislava and Frankfurt.

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About Dial Telecom a.s. (Czech Republic)

The joint stock company Dial Telecom is a provider of a complex portfolio of voice, data and Internet services with guaranteed service availability all over the Czech Republic through its own unified optical network. The Dial Telecom network has its central monitoring center in Prague. The network monitoring, as well as the customer support center, are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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