EMERGENCY MEASURES of Dial Telecom, a.s.

Dear Customers, Partners and Suppliers, In light of the declaration of the state of emergency by the Government of the Czech Republic, we would like to give you some information as to how Dial Telecom a.s. is operating.

Our interest is to continue to provide high-quality services with maximum availability.

Therefore, in accordance with our plan of risk prevention, we have taken the following measures:

-        our company's operations have been diversified into several teams that operate from multiple locations so that we can continue to provide services in the event of infection or quarantine;

-        the number of employees is limited on our premises and increased hygiene measures are applied;

-        meetings and negotiations that are not necessary are postponed or are in the form of teleconferencing or videoconferencing;

-        staff providing support services work from home;

-        we closely monitor the information provided by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and the National Institute of Health. We regularly adjust and supplement the procedures as recommended;

-        we communicate with state authorities, because we are providers of a significant network pursuant to Act 181/2014 (3) (b);

-        physical contact with teams of our suppliers or technical partners is minimized and increased hygienic and technical measures are applied in contact;

-        key suppliers of our services proceed similarly in contact with us;

-        backup storage areas have been activated in case some areas are unavailable;

-        technical and sanitary measures are also applied when moving hardware or technology;

-        until further notice,  third parties are prohibited from visiting our premises, unless absolutely necessary.

Currently, there may be delays or complications in the installation of new services or in the implementation of service interventions, in particular due to the different implementation of "state of emergency" measures by third parties. We have encountered a different approach in the places where we provide our services, especially in the case of necessary physical intervention (repairs, installations). Therefore, please always communicate with our technical support (NOC) and your building owners in order to minimize physical contact between your company staff and our technical or sales teams.

Dear customers, business and technical partners, if you encounter any communication or factual problems, please use standard communication channels. We assure you that we are trying to meet our obligations despite the arisen limitations and that we are dealing with the problems with maximum effort.

All business and technical contacts remain unchanged.

Sales  Representation
e-mail: sales@dialtelecom.cz

User Support NOC (24 hours a day)

tel.: +420 226 204 400 tel.: +420 246 000 222
e-mail: noc@dialtelecom.cz

Dial Telecom a. s.